I too have a dream…

Person 1: Is it a good practice to pen down your learnings?

Person 2: What a silly Question!

Person1: Should I invite comments on the learnings?

Person 2: Yeah! You should or else how do you know if your “learning” is right!

Person 1: How do I ensure I do it religiously?

Person 2:Make a wish and tell yourself, if you don’t maintain this your wish shall remain unfulfilled!

Person 1: How do I make it attractive, others need to find it interesting enough to read!

Person 2: Damn, draw things, put photographs, write about all things in life.

Person 1: Phew!

Person 2: Well………………..

well…err..then…why is this post titled “I too have a dream….”….Am I confused?

No….think about it and you will know what that dream could be!;)…and even if you can not understand….why bother??…:))

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