One Pinch of Mud

The wheel spun madly while the potter looked at his creation with a deep sense of satisfaction and a tinge of pride . With every turn of the wheel, the pot was becoming more beautiful, more stunning! The palms of the potter supported the pot on the wheel like it was his own baby! Nurturing it every single second to make it become the most beautiful thing ever! He knew it was the best thing he had ever made. The people around, knew it was the best thing he had ever made. But what went unnoticed was a little bend in the eyebrows of the potter. The potter was thinking hard. He knew he had made the best thing possible and he realised that never again in his life could he possibly make something better. He looked at the lump of mud lying close by from the corner of his eye and he asked himself “Should I add another pinch of mud and create that wonderful design on this masterpiece of mine?” He knew that if he could add that little design to this piece, he would have created greatest masterpiece on earth! His pulserate leapt up! He reached out for another pinch of mud but then immediately pulled his hand back.

Trying to add another bit could mean disaster. There were chances that the pot that he had already created could get completely destroyed if the touch of the new pinch of mud went wrong! Beads of perspiration appeared on the forhead of the potter. Time was running out. If he had to make the new design, he had to do it NOW. The pot was almost done and he would need to remove it soon from the wheel to prevent it from changing shape. If he did not do the design, he knew that he would live the rest of the life with one regret, but a major one, that the design on the pot was never done! If he gathered the confidence to add another pinch of mud, he ran the risk of spoiling the whole masterpiece which he knew he could never create again in his life!

And if he waited for too long to decide which way to go (be satisfied with the incomplete masterpiece that he had created or take the risk of making the ultimate masterpiece) and held the pot on the wheel with a half hearted and confused mind, he knew that it would spoil everything. The shape of the pot will change and change fast, leaving him nowhere. He had to remove the pot from the wheel as soon as possible.

He had to take a call….Which way should he go?

Also published on “didyouaskgod”

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