Readings 2nd fortnight Nov 2017

Something that I (and possibly others) felt intuitively but didn’t have the research to back it. Digital innovation leads to greater income inequality. Digital Inequality : 

A much publicised do-gooder faces criticism for not doing what he preaches.  Some sections seem like an overreach but some do sound like a real problem. In our world, hypocrisy and showmanship is what gains people’s trust. Why else would we have a history where self centered businessmen and sexual exploiters be called amongst the greatest men just because their PR agency can pay for a news article that features them in good light? While those who work silently never get any recognition. Hypocrisy of Bono and One.  This is another article.

He has said this before and is saying it again, Tim Berners Lee, the father of the world wide Web thinks that the web of the future is in trouble. The article is interesting because it points out a few interesting cases of how it is being misused for fake news, political propaganda and others by people who do not have a sense of responsibility. Tim Berners Lee on the future of the web.

It affects the US (may be even us) but in general the new lowered normal blood pressure is a matter of concern. Or is it not? New blood pressure levels.

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