Repost: Start-ups in the Times of Uncertainty

I wrote something on what startup CXOs should be doing in uncertain times like Covid-19. A lot of these are things that I am following at our business and a lot of it is also things I learnt from other high quality businesses that we have funded.

The link to the article is here:

I wrote a longer blog on the same topic with details of why we are where we are and why this uncertainty that we are in, is much beyond Covid. Here is a link to that:

Something that I say in the article/s

Being an entrepreneur or a CXO, it is easy to fall into the trap of creating false optimism for yourself. You may think that telling investors, employees, and lenders that “we are not worried because there is no impact on us at all!” is a sign of strength but the truth is, that can’t be true in the times that we are living in. Everybody will feel more assured if they see an acknowledgment of the potential issues and the willingness to take decisive action as time demands. 

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