Who me?

Avishek Gupta (a.k.a. Ovee)

Current Day job: Wholesale finance for high social impact sectors like affordable housing finance, SME finance, microfinance, etc.

In the Past: Managed incubation of  a bunch of startups operating in rural supply chains including dairy, agri, rural tourism, drinking water, clean energy, etc.

Built up a dairy supply chain company from scratch and expanded operations across three Indian states.

Generally interested in: last mile technology and finance.

Love food, football  and uncertainty.

Introvert. Slow starter.

Boring. Dramatic. Hyper.

I bore people by not talking at all. I bore people by talking too much.

Stutter when angry. Have avoided getting angry in public.

No matter what you say, my opinion about myself will not change. Sorry. 😛

No matter what you say, my opinion about things and issues can change, if justified. Sure.

And yes, that photograph up there is highly “Photoshopped”. I don’t look like that.  😛 😛


  1. Good site Ovee..keep the posts coming..

    and judging by your recent pics on FB, looks like you are very much into PhotoShop!!


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