Got my hand on a book named “Starbucked” which narrates the story of Starbucks (the American coffee, tea chain). Interesting facts:
They didn’t start as a food service concept. Their idea was to sell coffee so that people could make it at home!

  • It was started by three people who ultimately sold the business off to an employee named Howard Schulz who off course turned things upside down!
  • He brought in the concept of coffee shops.
  • All the stores that Starbucks has is built up using a combination of 12 different palettes which means that every store has a look different from the other. The 12 palettes are actually mix n matched. This means that though the final store look is different from the other one, all the pieces are standardised!
  • This is very different from a normal concept chain where everything has to look the same! Remember McD, CCD, KFC, or even the retail stores!
  • The concept of letting people sit as long as they want came up from them and the funny part is, they never wanted it to be so! They did some research and realised that people paid such a high premium for the coffee that was sold just to enjoy the ambience. Howard Schulz caught on to this after a bit of difficulty but then made it a core of Starbucks strategy. “Starbucks experience” is a phrase that is oft repeated to eulogise it.
  • The book somehow does not deny that it all became successful because of something called chance!
  • :))

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2 responses to “Starbucked”

  1. Its all about pioneering a new concept…..does not matter if it goes through some trial & error phase for a while…..

    The Idea is most valuable, who’s time has not came yet……

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