“Credit bureau” for air travellers

Some people just don’t want to switch off their mobile phones when the flight is about to take off. The same guys happen to be equally keen on switching on their mobile phones (if at all, they have switched them off!) even before the flight touches down. Some others feel that putting on the seat belt is against the fundamental right to freedom. Even if they do put them on, after “intense” insistence from the cabin crew, they do ensure that they unlock it and spring up on their feet even while the wobbly flight is finding its way to a stable parking bay. There are a few others who take immense pleasure in poking the assistance button  every now and then for inane requests.

I was wondering if we could have a credit bureau kind of a thing where you could report flight “behaviour” of passengers on a compulsory basis and use the flight behaviour score (a la Cibil, FICO, Equifax, etc.) to decide the premium that the concerned person should pay to board another flight.

Such a bureau would record details of the passenger behaviour as reported by the cabin/ground crew of the airline companies and give scores. So, if you are hell bent on yapping or texting away when the flight is about to take off, you get a negative score. Similarly, if you don’t understand that you need to keep your seat back upright and somebody has to tell you five times to do so, you get another round of negative scores.

So, with a score of 300 you can bid goodbye to flying for a period of atleast 2 years. The chronic “defaulters” can then easily be kept off the “access to airline services”.

One more question, has anybody done any research on why the same people who are incredibly fast in getting up immediately after touch down (and yanking off the oversized baggages from the overhead lockers) are the same people who just dont want to get off the airstairs when they are climbing it down?


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