Reading List – 2nd November, 2013

1.) The article emphasises the fact that life is random and can not always be explained by numbers. It also makes a point that we are prone to exaggerate the consistency and coherence we see. As also pointed out by Daniel Kanheman in his book.

Article: Here

2.) The letter of Benjamin Franklin that made the first reference to Daylight Saving Time. It was meant to be a satire mocking the laziness of the French.

Article: Here

3.) Have you ever faced a situation where people in a room couldn’t agree with how cold the air conditioner should be? Looks like here is a solution! A wristband to replace the air-conditioner and give you a “personal” cooling solution.

Article: Here

Some interesting points:

  • In 2007, 87 percent of households in the U.S. used air conditioning, compared to just 11 percent of households in Brazil and a mere 2 percent in India.

4.) A scary article on how consistent use of antibiotics has led to a stage where bacteria is now resistant to almost all forms of antibiotics! (A long read)

Article: Here

5.) Compulsory voting. People in Australia who do not vote have to pay a fine or go to jail.

Article: Here

Some interesting facts:

  • 23 countries across the world have mandatory voting laws. Only 10 of those enforce them.

6.) A fascinating article on medical imaging technologies of the future.

Article: Here


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