Reading List – 9th November, 2013

1.) How does the pirates business model work? An interesting article on financing Somali Pirates.

Article: Somali Pirates

2.) Would you work harder if you were given a raise? A new Harvard study says yes, but only if it came as a surprise and you thought that you were already being paid the “going rate”.

Article: Pay and performance

3.) What happens if you don’t have telephone, internet? An interesting story about what happened when a US island went completely off grid and only a few locations had connectivity

Article: Disconnected

4.) Fabulous work on micro-franchising from Jibu. A drinking water company set up in Africa.

Article: Microfranchising- Jibu

Interesting perspectives on how concepts like risk sharing, skin in the game and ownership structures can have a major role in deciding the success of delivery channels in any market, especially so for the developing world.


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